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Free Office Space in Shanghai for Foreign Student Entrepreneurs

If you're a foreign university student, Chinese languagestudent, or recent graduate with a great startup idea, you can apply for freeoffice space and a host of startup resources in Shanghai. The government isunderwriting 20 spots for promising young entrepreneurs in partnership with thebusiness consulting firm Chinajobvisa. In addition to the office space, selectedfounders will have access to free workshops, tax information, and consulting.We also provide drinking, printing, and conference room to use.

If you are a foreign student and with such startup ideas,you should apply with a short deck (max 10 slides), including a briefintroduction of the company, its product or service, and value proposition, aswell as what sets the company apart from its competitors. In addition, youshould provide their personal information and background.


Applicants must be current university students or havegraduated within one year, or current Chinese language program students or havegraduated within six months. (This policy isnot currently targeted at domestic university students)For those who are currently students, it isnot necessary to have already registered the company; However, recent graduatesshould have already registered their company with the Shanghai Administrationfor Industry & Commerce. Businesses registered through Chinajobvisa will receive preference.

The deadline for application is May 2019, so act fast!

Contact Information :

Phone: 021- 31132589


WeChat: 475418958