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Experts Analysis 2019 Shanghai Minimum Wage Standard

The Shanghai municipal party committee and government recently issued several opinions on comprehensively improving the vitality of the private economy and vigorously promoting the healthy development of the private economy, commonly known as “Article 27", which clearly "to reduce factor costs, steadily adjust the minimum wage standard, and further reduce the proportion of enterprise social…
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The first Chinese province to Unblock “Facebook, Twitter, …”

In 2018 the Chinese government have pressed ahead with an ambitious scheme to transform the province of Hainan (South Sea) Island into an internationally acclaimed tourist resort. The  latest step in this scheme has been an announcement that western-centric social media, including facebook, twitter and youtube, will be unblocked in the province. All once hidden…
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Shanghai Entry-exit Administration Bureau E-government Platform

According to the “Circular of the General Office of the State Council on the Issuance of Guidelines for the Development of Government Websites” issue 2017 number 147, and “Notice on Intensive Integration of Government Websites” Shanghai issue 45, Shanghai Exit and Entry Administration is scheduled to close on December 20. In order to implement the work plan of the municipal government office on "one district one website, one department one website", the e-government platform of the Shanghai Exit Entry Bureau will be integrated into the Shanghai Public Security Portal ( At that time, users can log on to the Shanghai Public Security Portal and continue to use the Shanghai Exit and Entry Administration.

Formal announcement for the closure of E-government services

In order to maintain the continuity of the original service functions of the E-government platform of the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration, the original relevant business service functions will be unified into the "columns of various business units" of the Shanghai Public Security Portal.

During the period of website integration, the E-Government Platform of Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration will make every effort to maintain the uninterrupted network services, while ensuring that the integrated website has "functions, contents, services and functions". Apologies for the inconvenience caused by the integration work.

Shanghai Entry Exit Bureau